Advanced Services

Dr. Patrick Leadbeater performing surgery
Dr. Leadbeater is a pioneer of Advanced Veterinary Procedures and Surgeries not only on Oahu, but throughout the Hawaiian Islands.  He also receives referrals from The Philippines and other Pacific Islands.  He is proud to have been an early adopter for many new treatments and procedures to the islands.

Advanced Services include:

He is also well know for his surgical skills in the areas of spinal repair and open open chest surgery.

Client Testimonials:

“I chose KPH based on good reviews and was not disappointed. We are new to Oahu and have a dog who was acting strangely. I took her in and was wondering if I was just imagining things. Not only did they guess the diagnosis just from my description, but the confirmed it quickly with appropriate tests. They were great with my dog who is not especially fond of vets and she didn’t even have to be muzzled. They sat on the floor at her level and talked directly to her until she was calm.”
Deborah S.
“The doctor took my call during an evening (we had never met before) when he had already left his office. His receptionist called him at home and relayed my urgent message. He immediately called me back and started taking steps to get us the proper treatment and medications we needed. He even went so far as to get additional staff to work the evening shift so our dog would have enough care for her urgent medical needs. I have never seen any other facility go as far as what Dr. Leadbeater and his staff did for us – and we weren’t even regular patients.”
Joy S.