Reconsider how your pet’s age compares to humans

Remember 6 months in a pets life is 3.5 years in human terms Remember that 1 year is 7 years in people terms. The life span of pets is such that the disease process develops and progresses so much quicker in pets than READ MORE

Spinal Cord Problems in Animals

Obviously this is a huge subject that cannot be fully addressed in a brief article.  However, I will try to cover some of the broader aspects of this category of illness.  There are several causes of spinal cord damage: Congenital abnormalities Trauma Infections READ MORE

TPLO – The Gold Standard for ACL Rupture Repair

TPLO – The Gold Standard for ACL Rupture Repair

We have long believed that TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Ostectomy) is without a doubt the gold standard of surgical correction for the anterior cruciate rupture (rupture of the ACL).  Over time, different procedures emerge touting easier, cheaper, better, etc., etc. methods of correction. One READ MORE

Anesthesia vs. Patient’s Age

Cadence was referred to us to examine a huge cancer mass that has developed from her front leg. During a visit to a groomer, the mass had broken open and was bleeding.  Cadence had coped with the mass for 3 to 4 years. READ MORE

Oahu Pet Spay & Neuter Clinic

Oahu Pet Spay & Neuter Clinic

We at Kahala Pet Hospital are proud to support pet owners in our East Honolulu community and island wide. One of the ways we can lend our support is through spay and neuter procedures. We have surveyed our island community and come to READ MORE

Pet Ear Infections

Pet Ear Infections

Is your pet suffering from ear infections? “Solutions for Chronic Ear Disease” is the title of an article written by Kahala Pet Hospital’s Dr. Patrick Leadbeater D.V.M., M.R.C.V.S.  It appears on pages 42-45 in the Spring 2013 issue of Island Dog Magazine.  The READ MORE

The Surgeon – Going Beyond the Basics

The Surgeon – Going Beyond the Basics

“I passionately believe that the practice of surgical intervention is like the making of a fine wine – part science, and part art.” Patrick Leadbeater D.V.M., M.R.C.V.S     Long before a wine goes in the bottle, a winemaker will spend a great READ MORE

Hawaii News Now Stem Cell Story

Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL Check Out The News Story The Wonderful People at Hawaii News Now Did About The Stem Cell Treatment Opportunities At Kahala Pet Hospital! If You Think Your Pet May Benefit From Stem Cell Therapy, Do Not READ MORE

Spinal Cord Problems In Dogs

It might start with something as simple as noticing that your dog has slowed down.  Or when you pick him up, he yelps with pain.  Maybe his back legs are weak, and he’s pulling himself more with his front legs.  These can all READ MORE

Exciting New Development in Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

I have previously discussed opportunities that exist now with stem cell therapy.  There is an exciting new development that will probably change the whole approach to veterinary medicine in the future. Until recently, if a decision is made to use stem cells in READ MORE

The Companion Animal Therapy

The Companion Therapy Laser System is the new leader in advanced high power laser therapy resulting in a greater depth of penetration and shorter treatment times than any other LED and Laser Therapy Devices. Manufactured by LiteCure, LiteCure has provided advanced laser technology READ MORE

Reassurance for Older Pets and their Owners

Contrary to popular belief, old age is not a disease.  Unfortunately, age related influences on the body do take place and the incidence of health issues does become more common as we proceed into senior years.  However, in the case of pets it READ MORE

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