Spinal Cord Problems in Animals

Obviously this is a huge subject that cannot be fully addressed in a brief article.  However, I will try to cover some of the broader aspects of this category of illness.  There are several causes of spinal cord damage: Congenital abnormalities Trauma Infections READ MORE

TPLO – The Gold Standard for ACL Rupture Repair

TPLO – The Gold Standard for ACL Rupture Repair

We have long believed that TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Ostectomy) is without a doubt the gold standard of surgical correction for the anterior cruciate rupture (rupture of the ACL).  Over time, different procedures emerge touting easier, cheaper, better, etc., etc. methods of correction. One READ MORE

Honolulu Pet Hip Dysplasia & Animal Arthritis

A considerable part of my Honolulu veterinarian practice addresses orthopedic conditions from chronic arthritis to acute, complex fracture repair and spinal surgery. One such condition that most folks are familiar with is Hip Dysplasia and Hip Arthritis. However, the awareness of the presence READ MORE