Anesthesia vs. Patient’s Age

Cadence was referred to us to examine a huge cancer mass that has developed from her front leg. During a visit to a groomer, the mass had broken open and was bleeding.  Cadence had coped with the mass for 3 to 4 years. READ MORE

Reassurance for Older Pets and their Owners

Contrary to popular belief, old age is not a disease.  Unfortunately, age related influences on the body do take place and the incidence of health issues does become more common as we proceed into senior years.  However, in the case of pets it READ MORE

Honolulu Pet Hip Dysplasia & Animal Arthritis

A considerable part of my Honolulu veterinarian practice addresses orthopedic conditions from chronic arthritis to acute, complex fracture repair and spinal surgery. One such condition that most folks are familiar with is Hip Dysplasia and Hip Arthritis. However, the awareness of the presence READ MORE