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Oahu Pet Spay & Neuter Clinic
Oahu Pet Spay & Neuter Clinic

We at Kahala Pet Hospital are proud to support pet owners in our East Honolulu community and island wide. One of the ways we can lend our support is through spay and neuter procedures. We have surveyed our island community and come to realize that the wide range of prices, (in some cases exceeding $1000.00)and varying levels of service, can be confusing to pet owners. For instance, some clinics do not offer overnight care, or pre-surgical exams and pre-anesthetic (blood) testing. The prices appear low, but they are not apples to apples to a practice that does include these services. To help clear up some of the confusion We are proud to introduce our Oahu Pet Spay and Neuter Program located at Kahala Pet Hospital

We want to emphasize that this new program offers premium care at affordable prices. It is not a cut-rate program. Those of you who know us, realize that our practice prides itself on our doctor-patient relationships, attention to detail, and state of the art surgical procedures. To those of you who are new to our philosophies, We want to assure you that your pet will receive the best care possible. We don’t like to blow our own horn, but encourage you to take a look at our testimonials page where you’ll find many stories supporting our values and mission.

Highlights of our Oahu Pet Spay and Neuter Program

• Pre-surgical Exam consisting of a health check, blood work and doctor/patient bonding.

◦ We want to make sure that your pet is healthy enough to undergo the anesthesia associated with a surgical procedure. A few simple tests will tell us if there are any red flags.

◦ By bonding with your pet, the doctor will have a better understanding of your pet’s personality and demeanor. This helps us to monitor the pet’s condition and progress before, during and after surgery

• During the surgical procedure, we constantly monitor your pet’s vital signs: Heart rate (EKG), Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Blood Oxygen Levels.

• Skilled suturing to minimize scarring and discomfort

• After surgery, we provide a powerful Laser Therapy treatment, to hasten the healing process.

• Your pet stays overnight in our facility, attended by one of our experienced nurse/technicians, who will monitor vitals and administer any pain management medication that may be required.

• When you pick up your pet, you will receive any pain management medications that may be needed.

• Re-check and suture removal approximately 2 weeks after surgery

• Program limitations:

• Available for dogs and cats 5 years of age, or younger

• Your pet must be in good health as verified by the pre-surgical exam and blood tests, not in heat, or not pregnant. These conditions preclude a pet from the program but can be discu

kitten image

ssed separately.

As stewards of our community, we want to do what we can to encourage the control of the unwanted pet population. We also want to act as your trusted advisors in offering advice on how to minimize health risks associated with your pets. Not all pets may need to be sterilized. This decision can be discussed with our doctors. If surgery is decided upon, this program is available to you.

In short, we hope that you will call us to learn more about our Oahu Pet Spay and Neuter Program. The all inclusive prices begin at $225.00.  Please call us today. We’ll be happy to provide a quote specific to your pet. 808-735-4433.



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  1. Jessica November 27, 2016 | reply
    Do you accept neuter now certificates? I have a 6month old male puppy around 13lbs that needs to be neutered
  2. Jim Anderson April 3, 2017 | reply
    Hi. Dr. Leadbeatter performed stem cell on my now-deceased Golden several years ago, and I liked him a lot. So did Sam, my Golden. I have a new Golden male now who is almost 9 months old. First, I am wondering if Dr. Leadbetter is still working as the actual regular vet for dogs or only involved in special cases or in second opinions? And second, do you provide alternatives to castration in neutering males? After reading articles from U.C. Davis and Oregon State vet schools I've learned that the time to neuter is not 6 months (which was the norm), but one year to provide the dog with the benefits of the hormones in the gonads.....are other sterilization procedures available at your hospital such as vasectomies or injecting zinc gluconate into the gonads (i.e. "zeutering")? Thanks for your help. Jim Anderson
  3. Joanne December 29, 2017 | reply
    Do you provide non surgical neutering? My dog Bear is 6 yo.

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