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Stem Cell Therapy

Kahala Pet Hospital is Pleased to Announce Our Ability to Offer Stem Cell Therapy to Our Patients

There are a wide variety of uses of stem cell therapy in dogs and cats including: Canine osteoarthritis (hip, elbow, knee, shoulder), Canine immune mediated polyarthritis, tendon and ligament injuries. In addition, stem cells are capable of being integrated with surgical repair of joints or ligaments.

Do You Think That Your Pet May Be A Canidate For Stem Cell Therapy? Is Your Pet:

  • Not responding well or can not tolerate pain medication
  • Not a good surgical candidate due to age or health
  • Has arthritis identified in one or more joints
  • Has immune mediated Polyarthritis
  • Is likely to need long term pain medications
  • Or you as a pet owner would prefer a natural therapy

If You Think That Your Pet May Be A Candidate For Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy Or You Would Simply Like To Know More Information, Feel Free To Call Our Office For A Consultation Or Visit The Vet Stem Website At