Case Study: How old is too old for anesthesia?

Cadence was referred to us to examine a huge cancer mass that has developed from her front leg. During a visit to a groomer, the mass had broken open and was bleeding.  Cadence had coped with the mass for 3 to 4 years.

As she was 19 years old, every veterinary practice that the owner had consulted with told them that it could not be operated on because of her age, and concerns about survivability under anesthesia. Time and time again we hear the same story that older pets are left in pain dealing with a poor quality of life because of age. We had no hesitation about removing the mass. Cadence passed her evaluation for anesthesia with flying colors.

The mass was removed during a 2-hour surgery. The area was closed perfectly cosmetically such that if you didn’t know a surgery had taken place, you would have not believed it. We are very glad to report that Cadence is doing very well and has full use of her leg.

dog with tumor on it's leg
tumor removed from dog's leg
sutured dog leg after tumor removal
older dog under anesthesia
leg healing nicely after tumor removal