Client Testimonials

The following are a sampling of unsolicited stories from our clients.

My dog, Max, had developed a strange growth on his paw. Two different vets told me that the growth was cancerous and that amputation of his entire fore leg was the best solution. Thanks goodness I brought him to see Dr. Leadbeater! He took the time to conduct the proper diagnostics and treated Max with antibiotics for what turned out to be an infection – and saved his leg. Dr. Leadbeater also treated my cat, Cami, for a complex infection of her sinuses. Complications prolonged her hospital stay for nearly a month, but Dr. Leadbeater literally brought her back from the brink of death. I will only trust Dr. Leadbeater to care for my pets.

Suzanne Green

If I could give 10 stars I would! I have been using Kahala Pet Hospital for 9 years, and have found Dr. Leadbeater to be the most kind and gentle Veterinarian on the island. He is very in tune with my dogs health and always is able to catch any illness at its onset.  He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of Veterinary Medicine. My dog is under special care due to a heart condition and I feel that Dr. Leadbeater has added years to his life with his care. In addition, his staff always goes the extra mile to make sure our pet is cared for. Would never use anyone else, and I highly recommed Kahala Pet Hospital .

LInda K., Honolulu

I chose KPH based on good reviews and was not disappointed.  We are new to Oahu and have a dog who was acting strangely.  I took her in and was wondering if I was just imagining things.  Not only did they guess the diagnosis just from my description, but the confirmed it quickly with appropriate tests.  They were great with my dog who is not especially fond of vets and she didn’t even have to be muzzled.  They sat on the floor at her level and talked directly to her until she was calm.

They did a great job of cleaning out her infected ears and explaining the course of treatment.  When they didn’t have the earwash I needed in stock, they promised to call when it arrived the next day and followed through.  And because I am a home educator who is teaching biology this year, they even let me show slides of the bacteria and yeast to my daughter!

I am happy to have found a great vet who is so close and so caring.  I also saw the staff’s compassion for grieving pet owners.  While I was there, a young man came out of a room where his pet had just been put to sleep.  He was obviously trying hard to hold it together and the receptionist left her desk and walked out to him and hugged him.  By the time he left, we were all crying.  But it’s little things like that that show the heart behind the business.

Deborah S.

We brought our dog Koa here in 2010 for TPLO surgery.  Dr. Leadbeater took the time to explain the procedure to us and answer all of our questions.  He’s very personable and takes the time to put you at ease.  We had to bring Koa back for her other leg and they gave us the same great service.  The staff shows a lot of care for your loved one and they are all very knowledgeable.  I highly recommend using him and Kahala Pet Hospital if you need TPLO for your dog.

 Ann L.

Dr. Leadbeater and his team are the BEST I’ve ever seen.  We brought our critically ill dog here and the team at Kahala Pet Hospital took extremely good care of her.  They had medical staff with her at her side the entire time she was there, monitoring all of her vital signs and taking notes as to any irregularities or symptoms that needed to noted.

The doctor took my call during an evening (we had never met before) when he had already left his office.  His receptionist called him at home and relayed my urgent message.  He immediately called me back and started taking steps to get us the proper treatment and medications we needed.  He even went so far as to get additional staff to work the evening shift so our dog would have enough care for her urgent medical needs.  I have never seen any other facility go as far as what Dr. Leadbeater and his staff did for us – and we weren’t even regular patients.

I would STRONGLY suggest anyone that cares for their pet as much as we do, to visit Dr. Leadbeater.  You will be in capable hands, and he and his staff truly care for their pet patients and their families.  They went and picked up special medications from Queen’s hospital for us so that our pet could have what she needed for her condition.  TRULY REMARKABLE.  You will not find another facility on the island with this level of expertise, commitment and dedication to the well being of your pet.

Joy B.

The care and concern here is unbelievable – I have never experienced such good care for my pets before.  Everyone here is genuinely concerned and wants to give you the best care you can get.  Dr. Leadbeater’s knowledge about many different conditions is really impressive, and he talks to you about all of your concerns and questions until you feel at ease.  He doesn’t rush you into anything and has the pet’s best interests at heart.

Carol Y.

We cannot thank Dr. Leadbeater and the entire staff at the kahala pet hospital enough for saving and taking the best care of our puppy Benny.  Patient, kind and attentive are just some of the words that describe the Doc and the entire staff. We highly recommend the Kahala Pet Hospital as the place for your pet.

Michael M.

Dr. Leadbeater and staff are just wonderful and caring, you will not find a better facility for your beloved pets.  We were amazed and the difference between Kahala Pet Hospital and another “emergency” type facility which is brand new and high tech.  There is no compassion.  The “high tech” place was beautiful but the care and knowledge and compassion found there was quite disappointing.

We cannot say enough about Kahala Pet Hospital – they have demonstrated a true dedication to providing outstanding care for your pet.  We had never met Dr. Leadbeater before our emergency situation, and he immediately made me feel confident in his abilities and he was caring and kind, his staff took excellent care of our dog throughout her stay.  Dr. Leadbeater truly cares about his pet patients, and will do whatever it takes to make them well again.  The team is committed, truly, to taking the best care of their pet patients (and pet parents too).

Gayle T.

The quality of service is superb. The staff was very friendly and Bobby (my lovable Schnauzer) was in and out very quickly!

Becky I.

I love Kahala Animal Hospital. I’ve tried several different vets, and without a doubt, love them the most. II have been using them for a few years, and they are always caring and polite. They definitely car about animals. When a customer of theirs passed, they took in her 2 old dogs and let them live with them at the vet’s office, right behind the desk where they were loved and treated well.

Recently, my 13 year old lab needed cancer surgery this year. Since my dogs are my children and mean more than anything to me, choosing a vet for the surgery was one of the most difficult things, as I would only blame myself if I lost one of my babies due to my decision making. Since I had already been using Kahala Animal Hospital, I chose Dr. Leadbeater. He was amazing and patient, helped me feel comfortable and safe.They had a nurse with her 24/7 and let me come visit my baby 7 days a week, which I did. At 13 years old, that’s a big surgery (they removed 20% of her lungs) for a lab, but now she is doing great.

If you want someone who cares about your animals, and will go the extra efforts to help them be safe, choose these guys. I know I sound like a commercial, but content writing is part of my job, so it’s kind of a habit. This is a real review, and my real experience with them. My dogs are my life, and I trust Kahala with them.

Paul C.

We have come to KPH 3-4x in the last few months.  Luckily nothing is wrong with our kitty’s, just a check up and vaccinations.  Every time I met Dr Leadbeater he has been kind, patient and thorough in his examinations diagnosis and explanations.

To my cats, he is always gentle and playful and they never feel uncomfortable.  I hope my young cats wont have to see Dr. very much, but if they do, I would wholeheartedly trust him.  I very much recommend him and all their chill staff.

I was once in there watching this family bring in a dog that was in really bad shape.  It seemed as if he would not make it.  The receptionist at the desk just broke down and cried.  Even tho she didn’t know the dog, she felt his and the families pain.  Thats caring!

Mike O.

My dog sustained a crippling knee injury and our regular vet referred us to Dr. Leadbeater who has a solid reputation for being the best orthopedic vet on the island. I must admit that at first I was weary as I had never had the need to take any of my dogs to a specialist.  When I got to the office, I was impressed by how friendly and helpful the Dr.’s and staff were.   You can tell that they are true animal lovers.   Everyone was caring and treated my dog like a baby (which he just LOVED).

Dr. Leadbeater immediately assessed the situation and explained to me my treatment options.  I really loved how he interacted with my dog during the exam.  Always speaking in a soft, soothing voice and keeping him calm.  We decided to go ahead with the TPLO surgery and he really took the time to explain the procedure, how much it might cost, as well as what would happen during the recovery period.

It is now almost 3 months after the surgery and my dog has had a wonderful recovery.  Dr.. Leadbeater has given him a clean bill of health and I’m very happy with the results.

Dondra O.