How Old is Your Pet?


Remember 6 months in a pets life is 3.5 years in human terms
Remember that 1 year is 7 years in people terms.

The life span of pets is such that the disease process develops and progresses so much quicker in pets than people. As you can imagine, if you are 65 years old and only get check up every 7 years, things can progress significantly in that time. So many times we assume if a pet seems alright that he/she is fine, unfortunately this, so often, is not true

Evolution has created a built- in survival mode, when wild critters slow up or show illness they soon become some other animal’s dinner. Pets remain so close to wild critters in evolutionary terms, they too maintain that survival instinct and manage to put on a brave external appearance to avoid that consequence.

Traditionally, vets have routinely looked at their patients once every 6 months or every year, but have not really developed a concern about early, underlying disease.The tendency is for owners and veterinarians to only attend signs of what has become, significant disease. Unfortunately this can often be too late.

  • The pet has slowly coped with a loss of quality of life and perhaps some pain, unnecessarily.
  • The illness may have progressed such that it cannot be reversed.
  • Attempts to treat the condition may be much more costly than had the condition been recognized earlier.

In an attempt to more rigorously address this situation,¬†we will revise the content of your pet’s scheduled routine semi- annual and annual visits. The changes are tailored around the individual pet’s circumstances and will be discussed at your visit time.

Many thanks for your attention, hopefully we can, together, improve your pets quality and enjoyment of life and maximize their longevity.

Patrick A. Leadbeater D.V.M, M.R.C.V.S.