Routine Pet Health Care

We know how important your pets are to you.  We pride ourselves in providing uncompromising service to our clients.  Our goal is to partner with you for the lifetime of your pets, so we will never cut corners.  As technologies change, we endeavor to be among the first practitioners in Hawaii.  There’s a reason that we receive referrals from throughout the Pacific Islands.

Dr. Patrick Leadbeater, builds a special rapport with your pets.  We take the time to stroke and talk to your pet before we ever begin an exam.  We build a trust with each animal, making exams far less stressful for your pet and for you.  Many pets come through the door wagging their tails, and eager to greet us.

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Corgi puppy with a large soft ball

Client Testimonial

If you want someone who cares about your animals, and will go the extra efforts to help them be safe, choose these guys. I know I sound like a commercial, but content writing is part of my job, so it’s kind of a habit. This is a real review, and my real experience with them. My dogs are my life, and I trust Kahala with them.

– Paul C.