Dr. Leadbeater is the Premiere Veterinary Surgeon on Oahu

Our Practice is Known as The Veterinary Surgical Center of Hawaii

Dr. Patrick Leadbeater is a highly referred veterinary surgeon on Oahu and beyond. We are proud to offer complete veterinary surgical care to Hawaii’s pets. Patients come to us from all the Hawaiian islands, as well as throughout the Pacific Rim. We carefully evaluate your pet’s condition and are equipped to take the necessary measures to ensure a successful procedure and recovery.

Our surgical passion and skills has been the cornerstone of our reputation. To that end, we will make our surgical services available to all practices. If you find your pet is in need of a surgical procedure, but you are uncomfortable with that option and wish to discuss this with me, please call me. I am prepared to come to that practice and perform the surgery if the practice is amenable to it.

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Please call 808-735-4433 for any concerns you have

Consultation for 2nd
 opinions are always available, and include a review of medical records, 
x-rays and 
lab results.

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