We have long believed that TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Ostectomy) is without a doubt the gold standard of surgical correction for the anterior cruciate rupture (rupture of the ACL).  Over time, different procedures emerge touting easier, cheaper, better, etc., etc. methods of correction.

One such procedure designed to appeal to every veterinarian, regardless of experience.  This  procedure is called TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement).  In truth, it is a newer approach to an old procedure that does not address primary problems of the knee anatomy.  The recent issue of Veterinary Surgery, one of the most respected journals of this subject worldwide has concluded a far reaching study confirming that TTA has the highest complication rate of all procedures.

As always, owner beware.  If you are advised that your pet requires surgery and the procedure recommended is Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) as I have always stressed, do your own due diligence and seek other opinions before deciding.  We are always here to answer your questions as thoroughly and as impartially as we can.

Dr. Leadbeater

TPLO surgery being performed by Dr. Leadbeater